Bozar Occupied - Chris Marker

Bozar Occupied

Bozar Occupied - Chris Marker

19/09/2018 to 06/01/2019

BOZAR and La Cinématèque française join forces for a journey through the world and archives of Chris Marker, the militant filmmaker behind La Jetée, not to mention an author, photographer, artist, musician and globetrotter.

BOZAR OCCUPIED – 50 years of cultural protest

To this day, May 1968 is still regarded as a cultural turning point, a symbol of freedom and revolt against old mores and institutions. Fifty years ago, the Centre for Fine Arts was the hotbed of artistic activism in Brussels. From 28 May until 8 June of that year, artists and students occupied the central hall. Instead of waxing nostalgic about this contestation, BOZAR chooses to take stock of the global resistance movement in the sixties and look ahead. Which forms of cultural protest make a difference today? How can a cultural institution like BOZAR open up even more to the city and civil society? And which role do artists play in this?

BOZAR is handing all power to the imagination this year, with a comprehensive programme of exhibitions, concerts, debates, workshops and planned and unplanned encounters.

Rue Ravenstein 23 Ravensteinstraat
1000 Brussels